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Leah Fisher Arsenault is a wedding photographer in Maine and New England. She specializes in documentary style and fine art photography for rustic, and coastal weddings. 


About Leah Fisher, Wedding Photographer

Leah Fisher is a wedding photographer based in Portland, Maine and Brooksville, Maine. She travels for weddings through New England and the Pacific Northwest. 


The Right Fit. 

What's most important to me is making sure you feel comfortable being yourself when we're working together. That's where the magic moments really start to happen. Hopefully in knowing a little about me you'll know if we are the right fit, and then we can get to the fun part - learning about you, your love, and how you plan to celebrate it.  

Before photographing weddings I lived in Alaska + Colorado. I worked as an art director at an advertising agency, in production at a ski and snowboarding magazine, and as a creative manager at a digital agency. I studied photography between these jobs at the Salt Institute. That's where I really started to feel something like passion - I photographed a few weddings here and there, and before I realized it, I needed to choose between keeping my job or pursuing photography. Once I started working on my own I really put my finger on it - that feeling of passion for my work came easily, and I am continually fueled by all the amazing people I meet each year, the stories they share, and the love they display. 

Basically I'm a work hard, play hard type - I'm up for any adventure you dream up, whether it be on a mountain top, your backyard, or your favorite stretch of coastline. Now tell me more about you!

Some Awesome Past and Current Clients.

Sperry, Cole Haan, Maine Magazine, LiveME, Kingspoke, Royal Rose Syrups, and dozens of happy-in-love-couples around the country. 

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