Leading up to your wedding - What to expect 


Your Engagement Shoot! 

Where to have it:

When thinking about where you want to have your engagement shoot it's important to choose somewhere you'll feel most comfortable. If that means heading to the beach with your dog for a walk, we can make that happen. If you want city shots around Portland those can be really fun, but make sure you'll be comfortable with people around us on the streets while we're shooting. Don't be afraid to come up with some ideas outside of the box - I'm always happy to help secure creative locations. 

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Beach/Rocks
  • Wooded trails outside of Portland
  • Hotel/Restaurant
  • Airbnb
  • Your House!
  • Hiking in the Whites
  • Ferry to an Island
  • Sunset Sail
  • Gallery/Museum 
  • Camping (we can use my VW van if you want!)

What to bring:

  • Want to snuggle up in a blanket once the sun goes down? Bring a blanket and a bottle of champagne (or whiskey).
  • Your dog! (But please warn me in case we need to figure out any logistics!)
  • Love notes for each other
  • A sense of humor and adventure
  • Water + Snacks if you haven't eaten dinner yet!
  • Don't bring any dread that it's going to be hard or awkward, I really truly promise that it won't be. 

What to wear:

People ask me this a lot and it depends so much on your personal style. Here are some tips I recommend though.

Make sure you think about your outfits and how they'll look together! You could both pick really great outfits that'll look great alone, but conflict together. You can avoid that by staying away from a lot of prints, especially checkers. While I love a good flannel on a man, try to keep it all one color, or if you wear a patterned shirt layer it with a solid, open jacket and plain pants. For women I love flowing dresses and skirts. Patterned tops can be layered with open jackets and bring versatility by being able to shed a layer during the shoot. 

Neutrals. You can't go wrong in mixing up some neutrals. Take into consideration where we're going to be though - are we going for a walk in the woods which means we'll be surrounded by lots of darker colors? Try lighter neutrals, blues, cream, tans, pinks so you really stand out. Are we going out on the water? Try darker neutrals so you really stand out. 

When in doubt - Bring a couple options. I'm happy to mix and match and weigh in when we meet up! We often have enough time to do two outfits, or at least mix up a top or two. 

Don't forget about your shoes. Don't wear brand new white sneakers! It's all we'll end up seeing in the photos. We will often end up walking around a lot, and I want you to be able to walk around in the trees or rocks or climb up on things if we see something cool - but I also don't want to cramp your style. Feel free to show up in flats and bring heels along for our walk. 

All that being said... I've had shoots where couples have broken every single one of these rules and they still look great. There's no universal golden rule for everyone to fit into, but the main takeaway should be that I encourage you to think about it ahead of time so you feel confident in your choices, and feel great the day of. 

Hair + Makeup + Nails + All that. If it's your personality to have your hair and makeup done for your engagement shoot - glam it up. Professionally done makeup does wonders in a camera and I have so much respect for how amazing make up artists are. A lot of women will do a makeup trial before our shoot and that's super smart. You may also just be a lip gloss and mascara kind of girl, and there's absolutely no wrong in that. I feel like a broken record, but the most important part of getting ready for your engagement shoot is feeling great. 

Below are some ideas of outfits I thought worked!


Your Wedding Day

Getting Ready

When you're thinking about where you're going to be getting ready for your wedding, consider options that will have great light and back grounds for photos.  Often hotel rooms can feel pretty cramped and get messy quickly. Airbnb's or family homes are great places to get ready. Salons also sometimes have great large spaces for bigger groups getting ready. 

Family photos

I always try to suggest locations for family photos nearby the rest of the wedding so we can let people leave as they are done. Sometimes couples have bigger plans for these photos though, and that is always welcome. If you want to have everyone out to your favorite lighthouse or walk down by the water, we will make it work! Please let me know if you have specific requests about family photo locations, otherwise I'll suggest somewhere at your venue. 


Photos of the two of you

There are generally two parts of the day we'll do photos of the two of you. The first is either when you do a first look (if you want to - up to you!) or when we do photos with your family. If you don't want to spend more than the 15-20 minutes doing this, we can stop there. But the majority of the time we will also dip out of the party for 10 minutes at sunset.  I really, really encourage setting aside some time at sunset. I find people are super relaxed and appreciate being able to step out together and enjoy a few minutes alone. As you're planning your schedule check when sunset is and try not to have dances or speeches right at the same time if possible so we can take advantage of the best light!

2-3 Weeks before your wedding

I will be in touch with you 3-4 weeks for before your wedding so we can set up a time to go over your wedding info and timeline. Below is a form for you to fill out before we have that call. If you'd prefer to fill it out gradually as you're planning, please just copy and paste the form into an email or word doc and send to me when you're down. If your planner has asked for similar info, please feel free to just share with me the timeline you've created with them, and ignore those parts below. Send all timelines/questions/photos you love/inspiration to me  - Leah@leahfisher.com 

Please list everyone in your wedding party so I can get a sense of the size and familiarize myself with names!
Please list all your family that will be around for photos so I can get a sense of the size. (Please let me know if there are any sensitive family or friend relationships I should know about so I don’t create any uncomfortable moments.)
Please double check all addresses are here and correct! Time and Place of getting ready Time and Place of First look - if you want to do one Time and Place of Ceremony Time and Place of Cocktail hour Time and Place of Dinner Timing of events at the reception (first dances, speeches, cake cutting etc.)
Roughly when would you like me to arrive/depart. We can discuss this on the phone if you're unsure!
Are you going to have with you anything in particular that day you’d like me to document, is there anything to want me to NOT photograph, and other comments related to your photos.
Example: Leah + Mom Leah + Siblings Leah, Scott + Leah's immediate family
Example: Leah + Each Bridesmaid Leah + All Bridesmaids Whole Wedding Party together
Your photos: Sharing them
Are you ok with me sharing your photos on: (Check all that apply)
This could be - Venue, Planner, DJ/Band, Caterer, Videographer, Hair + Makeup, Florist, Bride’s Dress, Bridesmaids Dresses, Groom’s Attire, Groomsmen Attire, Dessert, Signage, Invite Suite, And Anyone else!