Salvation Mountain in Niland, California and one odd night in Marfa, Texas

A couple weeks ago my sister decided to move to Austin, Texas and drive there from where my other sister lives in San Diego. Naturally, I looked for plane tickets immediately and started google image searching everything between San Diego and Austin. We did a three day drive, I spent a day in Austin, and now I'm back in Maine.

What an incredible part of the country. I'd never been to Texas, and had never been to Tucson - needless to say we saw more cacti than people until we arrived in Austin. We drove through a crazy thunderstorm right outside of Marfa, Texas. Getting out of the car after we got through the rain was intense, the thunder rumbled all around us and lightening was all over the sky. Maria was a very odd little town: a mix of art, slightly fancy fare and abandonment. 

I'd love to come back and shoot again in either of these places. I kept imagining shooting wedding/engagement photos or lifestyle here. The vibe is so different than anything I've seen in Maine.