(08.29.2015) Liz + Paul's Backyard Wedding in Seal Cove on Mount Desert Island in Maine

Paul + Liz's wedding was absolutely magical. I didn't meet them until that day, but the positive energy they had on the phone each time we talked was evident and I knew they were going to be great in person. They met in college at Dartmouth in an acappella group. Liz said about that time - "I can't believe he likes me!"  They're both in bands now, Paul's in Tall Heights and Liz, Do I Do and live in Boston. The wedding was great, and included so much amazing music. Liz and her friends did all the flowers, and they had friends play music during the ceremony that had about 100 people in tears. 

3 special things: Liz got up with the band, and BLEW everyone way. Neighbors paddled by with a sign that said "Love." Guests watched a full moon rise over the pond from behind the mountain. 

So much love for you both!