A Mostly rainy trip to London + Paris to learn and wander

Last month I took a couple weeks to go to London + Paris. I'd been to London once as a kid when my sister was studying abroad there, but didn't remember much aside from visiting the Wax museum + Buckingham Palace, not standing still on the escalator, minding the gap, Dr. Martins, and those funny phone booths. This time I went with my friend and fellow awesome photographer, Sarah. We stayed in a cute apartment in Notting Hill, walked all around the market and city, ate delicious Indian food, went to a Tiki bar (?), quietly used our own British accents to one another, and joked but not really joked about wanting to take Harry Potter tour. I had a great day visiting the Natural History Museum and the National Portrait gallery also to get in a some culture.

From London we headed south to the Photography farm to attend workshops. I went to workshops with Sam Hurd, Ryan Muirhead + Brooke Davis. My experience at the Photography farm was really moving - at times crying, at times laughing, and most of the time in quiet awe. I don't have a ton to say about the workshops other than that, but I hope the changes I felt come through in the photos I will continue to make. 

After the workshops we took the train to Paris. We got pretty much no sleep before getting on the train so as beautiful as that train ride sounds, I don't remember much of it. We stayed in a goooorrgous airbnb with the cutest family possible in Paris. In Paris it mostly rained and we wandered slightly disoriented, overtired and slightly wine-drunk for a couple days before I returned to Maine.