A week in Brooksville + Vinalhaven, Maine

I had a week without a wedding (first time since May!), and a few airbnb requests for my condo so I packed up my editing, Ozark, a bunch of film and rented a cabin in Brooksville and a sweet little house out on Vinalhaven for the week. Tim is working on his next show in Denver in December and decided to come along for inspiration. I think we found it. It was interesting going through these photos how far away I found myself shooting, how dark I saw them, how I didn't shy from the sun, how bright the colors are. This is pretty opposite from how I shoot a lot of my work - which is typically bright, airy & happy. 

I also did some research for my winter in and out of Maine, cooked a lot of meals, hashed out some ideas for upcoming projects, looked into a couple workshops, and was generally just super thankful that my work allows me to do what I love, where I love, and still have time for sunset chasing. 

Film images to come.