Karen + Alex's wedding at Bliss Ridge Farm in Moretown, Vermont

Awesome working with:
Venue: Bliss Ridge Farms
Planner: Jordan Von Trapp
DJ/Band:  East Coast Soul
Caterer: Wood Belly Pizza
Videographer: Peter Barbush
Florist: Stray Cat Florist
Dessert: Ben and Jerry’s

From Karen + Alex: 
Karen and Alex’s story began in New York City in the fall of 2013, one October morning on Sullivan Street (the street both Karen and Alex lived on). Karen was making her morning commute down Sullivan when she passed Alex, who was dropping his clothes off at the neighborhood laundromat. They said a quick hello and smiled. Alex immediately caught Karen's eye. When she got home from work that day, she mentioned the encounter to her roommate and planted the seed with a mutual friend who was kind enough to pass along the memo to Alex: "Karen is interested. She thinks you're funny, cute, and the good kind of weird.”

A few weeks later, Karen and Alex found themselves at the Copper Door Halloween party. Picture Alex with a mustache, a cheesy plaid vest and khakis - his best attempt at “Cliff Paul” from the State Farm insurance commercials - and Karen, with McDonald’s French fries attached to each hip, dressed as "Hot French Fries," (a shameless play on her last name). Three back to back costume-clad dates later, Alex and Karen were smitten.

Just two and a half months after that initial Halloween party, Karen was offered a new job in San Francisco and the two of them had a very tough decision to make. After many sleepless nights and soul searching conversations with good friends, they reached their decision together – Karen was going to take the job and move to California, a place Alex had never even visited. They were going to make it work. A few weeks passed, she moved, he visited, and five months later, Alex purchased his first ever one-way plane ticket.

In April of 2016, Alex and Karen went "glamping" in Big Sur, where Alex popped the question on a very long, very sweaty hike.